What Is A Cake Smash?

Melissa Stevens Photography

Cake Smash photography sessions are traditionally held around your child’s first birthday to commemorate the milestone. You can use the photograph for an invitation to family and friends to attend and celebrate their first birthday party.

The session involves letting your toddler loose on an oversized cupcake  and letting a professional photographer capture the results.  Decorate the cupcake with icing and decorations for messy and hilarious results.

The session usually starts with some regular portraits taken of your child to give your child a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera.  It can be a great idea to bring a toy or comforter to help distract them.  Photographs are then taken with the “intact” cake and then a series of photographs will capture your child’s interaction with the cake.  Some children get right into the cake, whilst others can be shy and need some help with the smashing.  You can be sure that there will be cake and frosting everywhere by the end of the session.

What you need to do:

  • Consult your photographer if you would like to discuss the theme of your cake session.
  • If you child has any allergies, tell your photographer and bring your own frosted cake.  Vanilla cakes photograph the best.
  • Bring a drink along for your child as eating cake can be thirsty work.
  • Consider how you want your child dressed for the photographs.  Some parents like the babies dressed in cake smash outfits (special outfits which usually have the age on the child’s t-shirt together with a tutu (for girls), braces and shorts (for boys) or nappy covers (for boys and girls).  Consider dressing your child to match your theme.
  • When choosing what to wear, be aware that there is a risk that your child’s clothes may become stained from the frosting.
  • Bring a change of clothes and a towel.  After the cake smash, many photographers include a bath for your child.

Your photographer can assist you with planning your cake smash for the best results ensuring that you will have photographs that you will cherish forever.

* Photograph courtesy of Melissa Stevens Photography

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