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As we’re sure you’re aware, there are a lot of photographers out there! And while we’ve talked about how to make your own photography business stand out in general, we didn’t really get into one of the big topics: Niching. To create a “niche” means to become a specialist who services a much smaller group of people. For a photographer that might mean only doing wedding photography – or you could niche even further by only doing outdoor weddings (nothing urban or inner city). Here we’ll talk about the benefits of niching and how you can go about to get your photography business niche ready with a few simple tweaks.

Why Niche?

1. Marketing is so much easier when you have a niche audience, simply because you know exactly who you’re talking to. Rather than aiming at everyone, you can get specific with your website copy, Facebook advertising and even which networking events you attend.

2. Pricing is easier to figure out (and even increase) when you’re a specialist. Firstly because you’re only having to compare your business to others that have the same offering and secondly, because people are happy to pay good money for an expert.

3. Equipment: you’ll probably need less of it. If you’re trying to be a jack of all trades, there’ll be no end to the number of lenses and lighting equipment you want to collect. By choosing a niche, you can focus on building a kit that best serves your specific needs and therefore save money (and space) in the long run.

4. Do what you love and it’ll feel less like work. Why spend time taking jobs that don’t excite you (or even drive you crazy) when you could be doing what you enjoy every day? Sure, any project can have its challenges, but you’re more likely to wake up with a bounce in your step if your niche is within an area of photography you particularly love.

How To Choose Your Photography Niche

If you’re new to photography, the only way to figure out what you love is by trying it all. You might also want to chat to more experienced photographers in specific areas to find out what they think about their own niche, how it’s working for them and and what’s involved day-to-day. As well as choosing what you enjoy, be sure to consider what you’re good at. Do you get better feedback on certain kinds of photos you post to social media? And don’t forget to consider where you live and what’s in demand. What kind of businesses are in the area? What are the demographics of your town or city?


Advice On Photography Niching

The most important thing to remember in all of this is that there are no rules. You don’t have to be good at everything, but hey, if you really want to do it all, nothing’s stopping you! You may even find it more effective to have two niches – one as your “bread and butter” and one that you find more enjoyable. Our advice is around simplifying the way you market yourself and not around what makes you a great photographer.

If you do want to take our advice and find yourself a niche, do so mindfully. You’ll want to make your website and social platforms clear, taking the time to figure out who you’re targeting so you can tailor your message to that audience. For example, if your focus is weddings but your blog is full of landscape photography, you might confuse your audience. Consider only posting weddings on your professional blog but starting up a personal one where you can post anything. Same goes for Instagram and Facebook. Business is business – it’s great to show your versatility, but keep it to a small percentage of your feed so anyone new dropping in for a look won’t have to question what you do.

We’ll leave you with that food for thought! If you found this helpful or want more information, please reach out to us either through the website or on social media. These articles are about helping you with your photography business and we want to make sure we’re giving you the information you need!

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