How To Choose The Right Professional Photographer


Thanks to the Google gods, we’re spoilt for choice whenever we need to find a new business. And have you noticed how many talented photographers are out there right now? It’s exciting, but also borderline overwhelming when it comes to trying to choose one. To try and help make that process easier, we’ve put together a simple list of things to consider when deciding which photographer is for you.


Is it up to date and well-written? Do they include information on their process, pricing terms and packages? Aside from the quality of photography, is it similar to the style you need? Their photographs may be jaw dropping, but if they’re highly stylised and you just need some clean, corporate images, they might not be the best photographer for the job.


Are they active and engaged with their followers? Do you see any complaints in the comments? Are questions being answered or does it look like they haven’t logged in since 2014?


If you sent them an email enquiry or left a phone message, how quick were they to get back to you? You can’t expect it to be instant – they’re probably on a shoot – but if they take longer than a few days to reply and don’t give an explanation as to why it took so long, be mindful that the same could happen when you’re waiting for your images to come back.


If they have a Facebook page or Google My Business page, are people leaving reviews? Look for more than just “I love my photos” – you want to check that their previous customers enjoyed the entire experience and found them to be professional.

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Do they pop up anywhere other than their website? If they’re talked about on blogs or forums, is it positive? Are they credited in any editorial work?


Do their prices seem to be unusually high (or particularly low) compared to their competition? Are they offering crazy discounts? Note what their packages include because everyone does this differently — things like number of outfit changes, included retouched images, whether you get to keep any (or all) of the originals, and whether they can offer a hair/makeup stylist as part of the package.


This is a big one, because if you don’t really “click” with them, there’s a chance you won’t feel comfortable on the day, and we all know what it’s like to receive photos of stiff, awkward poses and forced smiles! Make sure you get to chat to them on the phone before confirming your appointment so you can get a gut feel for what they’re like to work with.

 Feeling more confident?

We hope that this helped narrow down your search! And of course, don’t forget to check our directory of talented photographers who cover a wide range of specialties and locations. If you’re still having trouble, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly – we love a challenge and will do everything we can to match you with your ideal photographer.

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