Featured Photographer – Andres Marin

Andres Marin

e: info@andresmarin.com.au
p: 0403 327 270

Andres Marin


I’m Andres,

A pretty damned good photographer based in Sydney. I enjoy taking good photos for good people.

I was blessed to find my passion nice and early in life and i got to work, and by work i mean study. Being a student allowed me to be creative from the start. I enjoyed finding ways to shoot on a budget and loved coming up with fresh excuses to my landlord on why my rent hadn’t been paid that week.

All fun aside I simply loved photography and soon found myself assisting some of Sydney’s best photographers, as well as running my own photography business on the side.

I’ve been a Senior Studio Photographer at a couple busy Sydney studios and my clients have been as varied as humanity itself!!

I’ll be shooting for Rebel Sport on a Monday, Domayne Furniture on a Tuesday, shooting Portraits on Wednesday and Thursday, and if I’m lucky, Jack Daniels on a Friday!!


Andres Marin